Tuesday, May 21

Unleashing the Power: The Incredible Utility of iPhone 15

Apple’s iOS 15 update reportedly adds new tools to the iPhone. It’s expected to include a Duplicates album that scans for duplicate photos and videos.

It will also introduce a detailed permission dialog for shortcuts that gives you the option to grant access once or allow it permanently. This will also be the case for apps that use location services.

Siri Shortcuts

Apple’s Siri shortcuts allow users to automate and simplify their phone use by enabling certain apps to work together with a single command. The feature can be activated either via voice or through the Shortcuts app on the iPhone’s Home screen. The app’s features can be used to create neat home screen widgets, automatically turn off notifications when you open your Kindle app so you can read in peace or automatically turn on low power mode when your battery dips below 50 percent.

Apple also added a neat Split Screen Apps action to the shortcuts library in iOS 15, which allows you to run two apps side-by-side, making it easier to complete tasks like reading and watching TV at the same time. The company also made it possible to add a Go to Home Screen script at the end of a shortcut, which will automatically return you to the home screen after the shortcut runs.

In addition, Apple’s iOS 15.4 update introduced a major quality of life change to its Shortcuts app by allowing you to disable the incredibly annoying notifications that are triggered every time your personal automations run, as spotted by Fjorden’s Florian Burger. This makes the feature vastly more usable for day-to-day tasks. Additionally, it’s now possible to export shortcuts as files directly from the Shortcuts app.

Screen Size

While there’s been a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 15 series, there hasn’t been much indication of major changes in screen size. That’s probably because Apple already has a winning formula with the standard iPhone and both Pro models, and the company isn’t likely to mess that up.

That said, there could be some slight tweaks to the display on this year’s models. One report claims that Apple will switch to a new type of OLED panel with a lower refresh rate for the standard model, which should allow it to conserve power while still delivering a crisp image.

The other big screen-related rumor centers around a programmable “Action Button” that you can press to do a variety of things, including starting Siri or opening the camera. This feature may be an attempt to compete with the popular third-party apps that let you do similar tasks.

There are also rumors that all iPhone 15 models will get a new Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip, which is expected to be more energy efficient. That should help the screens on these phones use less power, which is especially important because they tend to be among the biggest drains on the battery.

Wide Angle Lens

Apple iPhone 15 is rumored to feature a new periscope lens that will allow users to zoom in up to 6x using the smartphone’s rear camera. This advanced technology has previously been limited to the iPhone Pro Max model due to its complex construction and larger internal space requirements, but tipster Unknownz21 claims that the Cupertino-based company will reshuffle the formation of its triple-rear camera array in order to incorporate this innovative lens technology into the regular iPhone 15.

In order for Apple to fit the periscope lens into the slim iPhone 15’s chassis, it will need to swap the positions of the Telephoto and Ultra Wide lenses. Currently, the 48MP main camera sits in the top left corner of the device with the 12MP telephoto lens on the right and the f/2.4 ultra-wide camera sitting ip 15 vn/a below the flash and LiDAR sensor.

This reorganization will give the upcoming iPhone 15 a true optical zoom that’s free of digital blurriness when users zoom in, as opposed to the measly 3x that iPhone 14 Pro owners can currently achieve with the current camera setup. However, it is important to approach these rumors with caution, as Apple has yet to confirm its intentions with this groundbreaking technology. Nonetheless, if it is indeed introduced in the iPhone 15, we can expect the flagship to sell well as it will give existing iPhone owners a tangible reason to upgrade from their vanilla models.