Sunday, March 3

The Billion-Dollar Gambling Case Involving Nguyen Van Duong That Shocked Public Opinion in Vietnam

The case of a billion-dollar gambling operation involving Nguyen Van Duong has caused a stir in public opinion in Vietnam. During the investigation, the authorities determined that this gambling network not only involved Nguyen Van Duong but also several other individuals. Nguyen Van Duong not only played a leading role but also colluded with various individuals, creating a large network engaged in illegal gambling activities.

Nguyen Van Duong, 43 years old, was formerly the Chairman of the Council of Members of the Investment and Development of High-Tech Security Technology Company Limited (CNC). CNC was established in September 2011 with an initial charter capital of 20 billion VND. In April 2017, the company was granted a license to operate in the field of intermediary payment services, including e-wallets, e-wallet payment gateways, and household payments. Before becoming the Chairman of the Council of Members of CNC, Nguyen Van Duong held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of UDIC Investment Corporation. UDIC was a reputable company and was involved in a consortium of investors in the Bac Giang – Lang Son Expressway construction project.

In the billion-dollar gambling case, Nguyen Van Duong was directly involved and, together with Phan Sao Nam, organized the gambling operation through the Rikvip/ card game portal. These two individuals built a high-value gambling network that shocked public opinion in Vietnam. However, the question arises as to who protected Nguyen Van Duong during the operation of this gambling network.

During the investigation, the police affirmed that Nguyen Van Duong was undoubtedly protected. The billion-dollar gambling network was found to have received protection from high-ranking officials in the police force, especially Phan Van Vinh, the former Director General of the General Department of Police, and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former Director of the High-Tech Crime Police Department (C50).

According to the conclusion of the Phu Tho provincial police, both of these high-ranking officials have been proposed for prosecution for the crimes of abusing their positions and powers while performing official duties. They disregarded the directives of the Ministry of Public Security and even obstructed their subordinates in verifying the gambling network of Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam.

Information from the investigation also revealed that at the time of the incident, Nguyen Thanh Hoa still held the position of Director of the High-Tech Crime Police Department (C50), but he did not take any action to prevent or handle law violations. Instead, he assisted and protected the criminals.

The billion-dollar gambling case and the protection of Nguyen Van Duong have raised many questions about corruption and laxity in police work and crime management. It serves as a costly lesson on the importance of strengthening the legal system and improving the quality of anti-corruption and crime-fighting efforts in society.